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Snow Tires

Nature has various ways of reminding us what season we’re in. The yellow leaves, the cooler nights, the furnace turning on in the morning, and did I just hear someone whistling a Christmas tune?

While the melody may feel early, it’s not too late for you to begin the process of getting yourself ready for winter. Most of us are really good at it too. We’ve been through our share of Saskatchewan winters, and if there’s one thing we know, you have no idea what to expect.

There are however, some constants that never change. The brisk wind, the mounds of crunchy flakey snow, and that stop sign you just slid past as you tried with all your might to make your car stop. Although winter tires don’t often make the list of the most exciting things about winter, they can certainly help make your winter a lot safer.

Snow tires are made with unique rubber compounds that allow the tire to remain soft and pliable even at extremely cold temperatures. This feature alone gives you more control when braking, handling, and accelerating. The design of the tread is typically directional, like arrows, and these “channels” help move slush and water away from the tire, keeping the tread in constant contact with the road. You may also notice tiny “cuts” in the tread. This is called siping. As that area of the tire touches the pavement, the weight of the vehicle causes these areas to spread and “bite” into the snow or packed surface. It’s little features like these that make all the difference when you need it.

The decision to purchase snow tires can be rather daunting. There are so many kinds to choose from, and the tire companies don’t make things very easy either when they offer tires called “All-Season Tires” or “All Weather” tires. What makes snow tires different from these? Here are a few simple things to think about when you consider putting winter tires on your vehicle this season.

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